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Directors Report

Validation Results.

We are happy to say that we have received our results for Validation. The centre received an overall rating of Meeting Quality Standard. We did receive Exceeding in Quality Areas 6 Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities and 7 Leadership and Service Management. The validator expressed to us that we are so close to receiving Exceeding for all quality areas we just need to work on a couple of things to achieve this. She expressed that the centre has great outdoor spaces, the children lovely and the educators are doing a great job.

Areas for improvement are: making sure all children are engaged in the experience at all times, more natural experiences in the younger rooms, educators are consistently and constantly engaged with the children scaffolding their learning. We will continue to work hard to achieve exceeding in all areas.

Maintenance Levy.

All families will be charged the $80 maintenance levy on your next account, for those families who have already contributed to the centre you will not be charged. If you wish to pay the levy please email us and we will arrange for a convent time for the amount to be deducted. For further information on the Maintenance levy please see the policy document on our website . There are still two activities that parents can help out at:

Bunning’s BBQ: Sunday 21st July

Working Bee: Saturday 17th August

Woolworths Earn and Learn

Thank you to those families who are helping out with the Earn and Learn program with Woolworths and collecting the stamps. We still have until the 9th June to keep collecting so it’s not too late for all families to help out. Our current total as of Tuesday 14th May is 1650 points.

Welcome to our new Pets

We have two new babies in the centre and they are in need names. They are both boys, one is black and white with an interesting hair do and the other is white and tan with attitude. They are living in the duckling’s room at the moment. If you haven’t guessed they are Guinea Pigs .If you would like to go and meet our Guinea Pigs please feel free to go into the duckling’s room to have a look. If you can think of a great name please email us by Friday 24th May.