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Ducklings – September update.

We would like start by thanking the Sandiland’s Family for their generous and thoughtful donation to our centre.

We will be celebrating several ducklings’ birthdays in October.  Millie, Indie, Ione and Koby are all turning three. Happy Birthday to these children!

Over the past month, we have been exploring cutting with scissors and pasting the cut paper onto coloured cardboard. We have been building and constructing with the square and triangle blocks, and the children have shown a great interest in the dress ups. We had a beanbag toss game where the children were learning how to throw the beanbag into the large woven basket. The train set was also setup on the large table, and many of the children continue to enjoy this. Our family tree is still setup next to our portfolios.

For the month of October, we have setup a Farm Animal area for the children to play and explore. There is also a large table with assorted sensory paints, beads and glittered water for the children to touch and explore. Our dress-up area continues to be very popular with the children and we’ve added necklaces, bangles, handbags, and assorted hats. We have our hungry caterpillar setup in our book area which has fruit and food to feed to the caterpillar. We have also added a water play experience to the room. There is a small water trough with water and glitter and four pouring containers for the children to learn to fill and empty. We have also added chalk boards and chalk for drawing, and a bead area for children to practice threading with thick laces and coloured shaped beads.

Our student Ben will be with us for the first two weeks of October. He will be planning activities for all the children to explore. Please feel free to introduce yourself to Ben when you drop off or pick up your child.

Also, as the weather is getting warmer, can parents please remember to pack some extra t-shirts and shorts in your child’s bag? Children also need to wear a sunhat when we play outside. If your child requires skin sensitive sunscreen, please don’t forget to supply it and staff will apply it to your child’s skin.