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Parent Survey Results.

Thank you to those families that completed the centre survey. 35 Parents completed the survey from the 106 families that attend the centre. The response was overwhelmingly positive indicating a high degree of satisfaction with the Centre. Areas that have been earmarked for improvement include: the Centre menu, notification in changes in policy and procedures, notification of changes of room for children and notification of illness or transmissible disease at the centre. Below is a table of results from the survey.

Disagree or Strongly DisagreeNeither Agree or Disagree (includes do not wish to respond)Agree or Strongly Agree
My child/Children’s physical and emotional needs are met (sleep, play, cuddles, eating, toileting)0%6%94%
I care about the future of Derby Street Children’s Centre0%6%94%
Equipment, books, toys and other resources are appropriate and sufficient in number0%6%94%
Derby Street Children’s Centre has a very friendly atmosphere and great team spirit throughout the Centre0%6%94%
The Centre is clean and tidy (rooms, benches, carpets, curtains, bins etc.)3%3%94%
I feel assured that my child/ren is/are safe and appropriately supervised by staff at the Centre3%3%94%
Staff promote each child’s ability to develop and maintain relationships0%9%91%
Staff interact with each child in a warm and friendly way0%9%91%
Staff encourage each child to make choices and participate in play0%9%91%
Staff communicate effectively to promote respect and professional teamwork0%9%91%
Staff guide each child’s behaviour in a positive way0%12%88%
Families are encouraged to participate in the Centre0%12%88%
Staff treat all children equitably0%12%88%
Staff hygiene and infection control practices are adequate to ensure the risk of cross infection between children is minimised0%12%88%
The Centre has clear policies and procedures3%9%88%
When transmissible infections are present in the Centre, families are adequately informed9%3%88%
Staff communicate effectively and exchange information with families about each child and the Centre3%12%85%
I am satisfied with the information provided in the Centre Newsletter3%12%85%
The Centre Director or appropriate staff member consults me about changes to my child/children’s enrolment (e.g. change of room)3%15%82%
Office staff are available when I need them (paying fees, discussing childcare arrangements, updating family information etc.)6%12%82%
There is adequate notice given regarding changes to policies or procedures at the Centre3%24%74%
The Centre menu provides adequate variety and nutritional balance12%15%74%
I am familiar with the role of the Management Committee12%30%58%