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Kindergarten [Rainbow Lorikeet] – August update.

Blossoms are emerging in our outdoor play area, the sun is showing its face and spring is finally here!

August was a month of FUN!!! In the national year of Reading, what could be more cause for celebration than Children’s Book Week?  (18th – 24th August). Our children thoroughly enjoyed book week with a day of face painting where we saw a number of spotty dogs, pink cats, butterflies, bats, Jeckle & Hydes, tigers, spider men, princesses and skulls adorning our children’s faces. Most of the children also took the opportunity to dress up in wonderful, colourful costumes. Thank you to the parents for making the extra effort to dress your children in such imaginative ways.

The Rainbow Lorikeet room also enjoyed a week of Junior Master Chef where children were involved in making smoothies, fairy bread, scones, fairy cupcakes & jelly.

On Tuesday 21st August, Aliou and Maggie, of West African Drumming, visited Rainbow Lorikeet Room to host an interactive West African Drumming Workshop.  Our workshop was an energetic drumming jam which included singing, dancing, rhythm and clapping to beats.  The instruments used included; djembe drums, doun douns, sangbang and kenkeni drums, a gongoma (African thumb piano), balafone (wooden xylophone) and smaller percussion instruments. This was a wonderful way for the children to explore the diversity of culture, heritage, background and tradition through dance and music [VEYLDF – Outcome 2; COMMUNITY] and to combine gross and fine motor movement and balance in dance, creative movement and drama [VEYLDF – Outcome 3; WELLBEING]