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Trash into Treasure

As you walk into the centre you will notice that we have placed boxes in the foyer with signs on them requesting items, such as tins and odds & ends as well as materials etc for Educators to use in the room with the children. Educators have just had a Professional Development on creating natural play spaces and going back to basics and re-using products.

Reverse Garbage (Large warehouse with numerous off cuts, materials) is situated in Bayswater. Reverse Garbage collects tonnes of valuable resources including reusable off-cuts, over-runs, art & craft materials, stage props, knick-knacks, furniture and other items from hundreds of supporting commercial and industrial businesses, as well as through the generosity of the community. Bayswater is a bit far for Educators to go so we are asking parents and the community to help us; we are approaching some factories and other businesses within the area for materials and objects which are re-usable that can use in our exciting Educational Programs. It’s amazing what you can do, For example, using coat hangers to make a lampshade, or wooden pallets to make furniture, this way we are enhancing creativity and imagination as well as helping the environment and teaching children Sustainability. If you have any ideas please speak to the Educators in your child’s room.