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Tiny Tots – March Update

We would like to start by wishing Daniel, Liam and Charlotte a happy 1st birthday. It’s wonderful to be able to celebrate these special days with the children at the Centre.

The educator’s in Tiny Tot’s room have spent considerable time observing the children’s development and have reconfigured the room to accommodate their changing development and new milestones. Amani, Edison and Charlotte have just started walking and it is very exciting to see them now walking around and exploring the room.

Since changing the layout of the room, the safari area has been very popular among the children. Henry, Amelia P and Kayla were able to name all the animals that we setup! Their language is improving as they try to learn new words.

Lastly, we say goodbye to Amelia P, Henry and Kayla who move up to the Ducklings room from April.

Happy Easter to all the children and families in Tiny Tots!

Tiny Tots staff (Kelly, Shani, Jenny and Julie)