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2013 Childcare Fees.

The Management Committee’s intention is always to try and keep the fees as affordable as possible and discussions surrounding the Centre’s fee structure are approached very seriously.

In reviewing the fee structure the following points have been taken into consideration:

Derby Street is a not for profit centre and our only source of income is from fees which we rely on to meet our daily running costs.  If the costs associated with running the Centre increase our only option is to review fees to ensure we can meet our obligations to staff and suppliers.

Most of the costs of the Centre are associated with employment costs (salaries, workcover, agency staff etc.) as well as food, utilities and equipment.  The Centre continues to run with above the minimum staff: child/ ratio in the Busy Bees and Kinder rooms.  For many parents this was/is one of the main attractions of the centre as it ensures a high quality of care for children.

In addition, some research into fees at other childcare facilities in the Moreland municipality indicates that Derby Street continues to have a very competitive fee structure

Therefore the Management Committee has made the decision to increase fees in 2012 to:

  • Daily fees will increase to $85 a day.
  • Weekly fees will increase to $390 a week.
  • Kinder fees will increase to $300 a term

These rates will be effective from 15th January 2013.