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The children who attend our Centre are cared for in age groupings. The age groups at our Centre are a guide, and individual developmental needs are given every consideration. Upon enrolment a child will be placed in a group according to his or her age and will generally remain in that group for the entire calendar year. A child will only be moved to another group during the year if a vacancy exists and after consultation between the parents/guardians, staff and the Centre Director.

In each room we provide:

Nappies, cow’s milk, breakfast for children before 8:00am, morning tea, 2 course lunch, afternoon tea and late afternoon snack.

Tiny Tots

We believe that it is important for children to have consistency when meeting their daily needs, therefore we support and follow the same routine at the Centre as the child has at home as closely as we can.

While at the centre the children in the Tiny Tots room will be:

  • introduced to different art mediums (depending on age and ability)
  • offered experiences to encourage gross motor development (such as walking and crawling)
  • be exposed to visual media (books, pictures, words) and performing arts (singing, dancing).
  • encouraged to express their feelings and opinions.

The children have their own outdoor space to explore.

Age Group: 3 Months to 2 Years

Staff Ratio: 12 Children, 3 Staff


The children in the Ducklings room will be:

  • provided with the opportunities to explore art mediums freely throughout the day without limitations
  • given opportunities for parallel/cooperative play
  • given opportunities to participate in small group times
  • encouraged to develop language abilities through conversations, labelling and singing.

Children in this room are beginning to control their bodily functions. To make this a successful time in a child’s life we believe the best results are achieved when working cooperatively with families. The children will be able to explore their own outdoor space which provides exposure to natural materials and introduced to the responsibility of maintaining their gardens.

Age Group: 2 to 3 Years

Staff Ratio: 12 Children, 3 Staff

Busy Bees

The children in the Busy Bees room will be exposed to a program that promotes independence and self regulation. We believe children at this age start to have the ability to self regulate their emotions with the guidance and support of educators.

Children will be encouraged to dress and undress themselves, serve their own meals, and meet their own bodily needs (with support if needed).

The program will consistently provide opportunities for the children to:

  • explore different art and visual mediums
  • resolve conflicts or issues on their own
  • develop a sense of self worth and
  • learn the importance of empathy.

The children in the Busy Bees room will be immersed in an outdoor environment that offers natural elements and the freedom to explore.

Age Group: 3 to 4 Years

Staff Ratio: 15 Children, 2 Staff


We believe that children should be able to attend school with confidence, and have a sense that they can achieve anything they set their mind to. Therefore the kinder children will be exposed to a program that:

  • provides opportunities for presentations to a group
  • increases their understanding of socially acceptable behaviour
  • acknowledges the process/attempt rather than the final outcome
  • encourages positive conflict resolution.

The children will also be introduced to literacy and numeracy skills required for school.

The children in the kinder room are responsible for planting and maintaining the vegetable garden and worm farm in their outdoor space.

Sessional Kindergarten only operates during the school terms and is closed on school holidays, as well as all gazetted public holidays.

Age Group: 4 to 6 Years

Staff Ratio: 22 Children (15 long day, 7 sessional), 3 Staff

Healthy Outdoor Play

The Centre has adopted a SunSmart Policy which will take place throughout the year. It is particularly emphasised from the start of September to the end of April. Please see Policy document for full policy.