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Tiny Tots – October Update

We would like to officially welcome Jade and Jet into the tiny tots room. We hope you are both keen on having a good time and lots of fun with us.

This month has been a very busy month for the tiny tots. Fathers’ day was celebrated with small snacks for morning tea, which the fathers’ were invited too.

We would like to give a big warm congratulations to  Gina and Brad on the arrival of their beautiful daughter Olivia;  Sara and Nitin on the arrival of their son Leo; and Lindy and Jake for the safe arrival of their daughter Tess. We are looking forward to meeting them all. We are sorry to see Edward (Teddy) leave to a new area. We are going to miss him very much, and wish him all the best. We are also looking forward to hearing about the arrival of his sibling.

As the weather is now warming up, we are now following the sun smart policy in our centre and hats and sunscreen must be worn outside. If your child uses a particular sunscreen please let the tiny tots staff know. Due to the warmer temperatures, we have introduced water play in the tiny tots room. We would like to request the parents please send some extra clothes in the children’s bag. We would also like to request for some extra summer clothes in the bag to snsure the children can remaibn cool and comfortable.

Music has been a big hit in the tiny tots room, the children start dancing and wriggling as soon as they hear the Hi-5 songs. Seeing this, we have decided to expand on this activity by providing the children with many different musical instruments, including a big drum. The children are learning how to share the instruments and the importance of taking turns. The excitement amongst the children is highlighted by the loud noise they create when using the instruments. As a consequence, we have moved some of the instruments into the outdoor area, so the children can more freely enjoy themselves with the instruments.

We currently have a couple children being toilet trained, if you would also like you child to start toilet training please let us know.

Mariam, Jais and Broke