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Kinder Room – October Update

Hello everyone,
During the last couple of months in the kinder room we have been focusing on several learning areas which are all aimed at assisting the children with their upcoming transition to school next year.

We have begun a new music and movement game in the Kinder room which is called ‘The Instruction Game”. It involves the children dancing to music and then when the music stops an instruction is given and the last friend to follow that instruction is out! This has been extremely popular with the children. It not only allows them the opportunity to engage in gross moor movement, it also assists the children with their listening skills. We have been using this term ‘Instruction’ in the Kinder Room during our day. We encourage the children to follow instructions and to also listen to their peers as well.

The world of Science….we have been very busy experimenting! We created a salt crystal experiment which involved adding salt and water and then dipping string in and closing the lid in the hope that crystals will form along the string! And the result….our experiment was a success! We also invented a mould experiment! We called this the bread experiment! We made many observations in regards to this experiment and all the results and learning from this are displayed within our room so feel free to come and have a look!!

A theme that we focused on over the school holidays was the sentence… “Treat others how you would like to be treated”. This has been an ongoing learning area for all of the kinder children and we have showed wonderful examples of our understanding of this sentence. There is a display wall in our room if you would like to see pictures of kinder children showing amazing respect, empathy and friendship towards their fellow peers.

Throughout the holidays we also enjoyed a cooking class. This included a lesson in how to make sausage rolls! A pop up kitchen was created on our veranda and we enjoyed sharing lunch with our busy bee friends. Speaking of our veranda we have created an outdoor dining area that will be used during the beautiful spring weather. All meals can be served out here. We have also introduce the idea of an outdoor picnic at the front of our centre under the shade of our two beautiful trees!

Also we are so excited to announce that some of the Kinder friends have been losing some teeth and having special visits from the tooth fairy!!! To celebrate this we created a poster which is displayed on our front door! It is full of knowledge gathered from the children in regards to their understanding about teeth!!

Over the course of the next few weeks the children will be getting ready for their Kinder Graduation which will be on Wednesday 2nd December 2015, at 6:30pm at Pascoe Vale North Primary School’s Hall. More information will follow within the next week.

As the warmer weather approaches many of the children will be exposed to more water activities outside of kinder. Over the next few weeks we will be discussing water safety with the children and also holding an incursion on Water Safety Awareness.

By now families would have all received their section of the school transition statements to complete. Please remember to answer the questions within the parent section as this provides the school your child will be attending with important information about their child which will help with a smoother transition. These are due back Friday 23rd October 2015. The last two weeks of November parents will have the opportunity to sit down with Belinda to discuss her part of the transition statement before it is sent off to the school.

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Water Safety Awareness: postponed – date TBC
  • Circus Spot Excursion: November
  • Lunchboxes will start: 30th November 2015
  • Kinder Graduation: 2nd December 2015
  • Lizzy the Lizard Incursion: Friday 4th December
  • Last day of Term 4 for Sessional Kinder:Thursday 17th December
  • Last day of Term 4 for Long Day care: Friday 18th December

Thanks Belinda, Nazneen, Katie and Amina