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Ducklings – October Update

Over the past month in the Ducklings Room we have taught the children the song ‘Where is Thumbkin’, teaching the children each of their fingers had a name as we sang the song. We have also been singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, as the children have been exploring and watching the stars in the star house.

We have continued with stories, songs and finger puppets for our group times. Iluka, Aidan and Eliza have been singing the song ‘Bee bee bumble bee won’t you say your name for me’, then sent one child at a time to the bathroom to wash their hands then eat their meal at the table.

The children have been learning their numbers from 0-9. The educators set up the lightbox with plastic see through numbers. Nate and Violet. A were able to name the numbers from 1-9. At the beginning of October the educators decided to setup a doctors area with a mattress, dress ups, lightbox with x-rays, Elmo & Dorothy, stethoscope and bandages. Addison said to the educators “I go to the doctors”.

The children enjoyed riding on the tractor and playing in the animal area in September. Then we setup a dinosaur area for the children to explore due to the interests of Thomas. P, Quinton, Grayson and Aidan. The children have learnt to make the sounds of the dinosaurs and role play with their peers. We have packed away the animal area and made the dinosaur area a lot bigger. We have also setup magnetic wooden blocks on the round low wooden table and a transport table with cars, trucks, planes, trains, helicopters and other transport vehicles.

We have started toilet training some of our Duckling children who will be moving up to the Busy Bees Room next year. Parents please remember to pack at least four changes of underpants, pants or tracksuit pants, socks and a spare pair of shoes. We will communicate to our parents on their child’s progress.

Remember now we are wearing our sunhats and sunscreen, if your child requires sensitive skin sunscreen then please provide a labelled tube of sunscreen for your child. The centre does provide sunscreen.

Thank you. Julie, Sue, Jenny, Grace and Tracy