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Busy Bees – October Update

First we would like to wish Bartu, Oskar, Zach E, Jasmine, Edison, Holly and Santiago very happy birthdays.

Over the past couple of months the Busy Bee room has been busy with a couple of  projects including Space themed project and Australian animals. The Busy bees children were very lucky to have Wild Action visit in September with a few friends; a koala, kookaburra, ring tailed possum, python, green tree frog, crocodile and flying fox. The children were very excited and they were able to touch some of the animals and hear the noises that they made.  It was great to see the faces of the children light up when they were able to see real animals, the animals that we have been showing them through books and with plastic figures. We have extended on this area to focus on Australian birds and the birds that we can see outside in our playground, the street, in our own backyards and parks.

Our other project of space is still slowly evolving, now taking a focus on where we live, our houses and looking at road maps, Melways and google maps. We have been using the iPad to show the children the earth, where Australia is located and zooming into Pasco Vale and surrounding areas.

Our art show will focus on the children’s art, their understandings, and visual representations of our solar system, spaceships and aliens. Each child was given the opportunity to participate through various art mediums, allowing each child time to reflect on the learning that has been happening in the room at group times and during spontaneous play and the time to choose when and if they wanted to participate. The result is amazing! Thwe children are true artists, able to self-express their ideas and views about Space.

The children also have been very busy with cooking. Over the school holidays they made english muffin pizzas, selecting their own toppings then waiting patiently for Dessi to cook them for us. We even had Dessi help us and the Kinder children make homemade sausage rolls for the football grandfinal and we sat down as a large group with the Kinder children and had a footy picnic.

If you haven’t done so already can families please return portfolios so we can continue to work on them and in November we will start parent teacher interviews for the parents who asked, we are finalising dates/times, we will let you know when shortly.