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Tiny Tots – April Update

Hello to everyone!!  We had really busy month in Tiny Tots room. Now all our little babies are well settled in the room. Our friends who were crawling have started walking on their own and the little one’s are getting there soon, they have started reaching to the activities which are up on the table and really anxious to stand up.

We would like to introduce our new friend Daisy (rabbit) in the room. All the children absolutely love Daisy. Daisy is also very much comfortable within the environment. Daisy runs around in outdoor yard with the children. All our children are really gentle and generous to these pets. It is great to have them here to teach them how we care and being gentle with them. Just want to mention if you have spare lettuce, parsley, celery/leaves or grass at home you are welcome to bring it in for the pets.

Now the weather is changing some days are getting really cold, so er would like to give the parents a quick reminder to pack warm clothes and jackets in their bags, so that we don’t miss out on play outside. We had great art and sensory experiences during this month. Most of the children absolutely loved them. We had a student (Jeanette) this month in the room. All the children love playing with her and she did a few sensory activities with them and children enjoyed them a lot.

We have a new setup outside. We added a kitchen area and a bridge with frames for climbing in our outdoor yard as well. The children love playing in the home corner and have a great pretend play. Having a bridge in the outdoor yard is an amazing activity for the children. They love to climb on the bridge it is great to teach them gross motor skills and risk management.

We had Anzac day celebrations in the room including a cooking experience with children in the room making Anzac biscuits. This week little chicks from kinder visited in the room, children love to have them in the room. We have been very busy this month making presents for the mother’s day. On the whole we had a great month. All our children are moving towards achieving new milestones next month.