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Busy Bees – April Update

Dear parents,

Frist we welcome Pamir in our room she joined us in busy bees room last month and wishing a happy 3rd birthday to Liam and Tyler.
In the last few months we have promoted and celebrated different cultural events in our centre which represents our centre inclusive/diverse philosophy.

  • In the month of February we celebrate Chinese new year
  • In March we celebrate saint Patrick day as in busy bee’s children makes Leprechauns.
  • In April we celebrate Easter which was a big hit as all the centre do Easter parade together lots of art and craft experiences and Easter egg hunt. The children enjoyed all of these activities we do with them.
  • On 14th of April we celebrate Bangladesh, Srilanka & India’s New Year! Which also represent spring in these countries. Naz talked about Bangladesh New Year and showed New Year celebration pictures and video and sing and teaches children and staff how to say Happy new year in Bangladeshi language “Shuvo novo borsho”
  • At the moment to celebrate Anzac day busy bees are doing lots of art experiences like making poppies, children foot prints and children interpretation of Australian flag.

The children have been learning the alphabets letters c and d over the past month and also their names letter recognition through name games, place mats or at group times.

From last month our program planning has been based on children’s observation “what next” and we are encourgaging their interest and levels by setting up different experiences. We would be very grateful if parents give us their input.

This month our focus is to promote more fine motor skills by using art mediums, pencil, white board marker, water colours with thin brushes, small pebbles or rocks in construction area etc.
Our show has been a big success in the room, children are very excited to do show and tell and talk about their toys or photos and share their stories. At this point we know they don’t understand the concept of show and tell and some children brings toys and think they have show and tell every day but slowly they will understand.

In the end we would like to thanks Kellie (Edison mum) for donating material for our fairy area and special thanks for Jayne (Toby’s mum) to donates heaps of art and craft things and to help us with mother day presents.

Busy bees staff