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From The Office

The centres Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 24th March at 7pm in the kinder room. This is your chance to come and join Committee or just to hear information about the Centre. It is also a great opportunity to meet another families from the Centre .
We will be holding a ‘special resolution’ at this meeting approving the updated Centre’s constitution. Only those that attend on the night can vote for or against the proposed changes.

Bunning [Coburg] Sausage Sizzle
We have been lucky enough to be allocated a spot at Bunning’s in Coburg on the 18th April, to run a sausage sizzle. We need volunteers on the day; we have placed a Bunning’s BBQ roster on the office window for you to allocate a time that is suitable to help on the day. Times are 8.00am-5.00pm. We get very busy from 11.00am-3.30pm so extra help would be greatly appreciated. This can be part of your maintenance levy; it is a lot of fun and a great way to meet other families at Derby Street.
Bunning’s Coburg, 64-96 Gaffney Street, Coburg

Staff Roles
This year we have introduced two new staff roles into the Centre: Wellbeing, Event and Sustainability Leader (Heidi) and Diversity Leader (Sharni).

Heidi’s roles involves some of following:

  • Research, plan and implement a calendar of events for the children throughout the year (for example dress up days, mother days, cultural days etc
  • Plan and implement staff bonding days i.e. Christmas party for staff, team building days
  • Educate children and educators about healthy eating and healthy life styles
  • Research sustainable practices for the centre, develop and implement practices that the centre can use
  • Educate families, educators and children on sustainable practices
  • Educate families and children about Mental Health

Sharni’s role involves some of the following:

  • Research different cultures and the practices that attend the centre.
  • Educate educators about child rearing practices from other cultures
  • Develop experiences for the children to explore from different cultures
  • Encourage parents to participate in the program uses their native language
  • Encourage educators to read, sing and dance with the children from their own culture.
  • Research experiences about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities that can be used with the children
  • Educate educators and children about our indigenous communities.

This year Sharni and Heidi helped the children celebrate Chinese New Year, which the children loved. If you have a special celebration that you would like the children to be involved in, please let use know and we and celebrate it here at the Centre.