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What a wonderful time we have all been having in the Tiny Tots Room!
It hasn’t taken long for our children to feel safe and secure in their environment! We are so proud of the children for being so happy in the mornings with most of our Tiny Tots being able to transition into their room after drop-off with big smiles on their faces! We are also encouraging children to wave hello and goodbye to their peers to encourage a sense of belonging.

A big welcome to Jaspreet who has joined Derby Street and is now a full time Educator in the Tiny Tots Room.

The Tiny Tots Room has been so busy providing experiences that are extending the children’s interests and providing age appropriate activities that correspond with the children’s developmental stages.

Outdoors you will notice a variety of resources that are set up to accommodate for the children who are learning to take their first steps! We have prams and several push along trolleys that enable the children to practice their standing positions and once they have mastered this skill they will then be able to walk along with these resources assisting them.

Sensory play has been very popular as the children have especially enjoyed being able to experience a variety of settings such as painting, water play, goop, play dough and balloon play!

The Tiny Tots children have shown a wonderful sense of curiosity and become very excited when they discover how they can change their sensory play resources using their sense of touch, such as changing the shape of their play dough with their hands and fingers or making a beautiful piece of art work with a paint brush/hands and coloured paint.

We would also like to welcome our new friends, Spike and Ginger into our room! Our pet Guinea Pigs have been visiting our outdoor yard on a daily basis and have become a very popular experience with our children. We are all fascinated by our pets and enjoy watching them play in their outdoor hutch! Educators have been allowing the children to pat the guinea pigs and are noticing how gentle the children are during petting time.

Thank you to all the families who have provided a Family Photo for our Comfort Wall and if you haven’t please feel free to bring one in.

To our Tiny Tots Families have a great Easter.