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Water safety

As the weather is getting warmer we will be starting to spend a lot of time around water, either in pools, toddler pools at home, beach or water play at home. Please make sure you follow all the safety tips below so we can keep our children safe during the summer

Water Safety Tips

  • Supervision means constant visual contact, not the occasional glance.
  • Even in a supervised public pool never take your eyes off children swimming and if they are under 5 you must be within arm’s reach.
  • If you leave the pool or water area, even for a moment, take the children with you. A swimming pool fence is not a substitute for supervision.
  • Familiarise children with water by taking them to learn to swim lessons, run by accredited AUSTSWIM teachers, at the local pool.
  • Empty paddling pools when they are not in use.
  • Empty baths, basins, sinks, buckets and troughs, immediately after use.