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Kinder Room – February Update

Hello and Welcome from the Kinder Room,

Happy birthdays go out to Luella and Paige who celebrated their 4th birthdays in January. We hope you both had fun filled birthdays.

We would like to welcome families into the kinder room, both new and old and we look forward to working with you to further your child’s development. The children have all settled into the kinder room positively and have maintained past friendships as well as establishing new ones. Julie, Nazneen and myself have been busy getting to know your children, by interacting at activities with them and asking them questions about themselves and what they like to do. The information which we gather will help us to develop appropriate programs to further your child’s development. Our focus point in Term 1, is ensuring that the children feel safe and secure in the kinder environment and that we are meeting their interests and needs.

Parent and teacher sessions have been offered to families. These sessions allow families and educators to meet and discuss each child individually and set goals which we can work towards together. If you have not yet made a time with Belinda, please feel free to do so.

In Term 1, we will be partaking in a few activities and parents are encouraged to spend time in the room; helping out during routine times and also playing with the children. There is a calendar for February currently up at the sign-in bench, with two session marked for parents to come into the room. Please feel free to add your name to the calendar.

We will also be having a visit from Barbara, who reads stories for children and sings songs at Coburg library. She will be coming in and engaging the children in a group time on Tuesday 5th of March at 10am.

For ten days from the 12th of March we will be participating in a duck hatching program. The eggs will arrive on Tuesday the 12th and we will hopefully be fortunate to experience 10 baby ducks hatching out of their eggs. At the end of the ten days, families will be offered the opportunity to take a duck home to keep, otherwise they return to the farm for breeding.

The children undertook a planting experience with Naz in January which involved separating plants and then re potting them. They all enjoyed digging, planting and then watering our new plants. This is going to be followed up on Tuesday the 26th of February when we will be planting our vegetables for the months of autumn. If you like being in the garden, why not volunteer some time and help the children explore nature.


Belinda, Nazneen and Julie