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Ducklings Room – February Update

Welcome to all of our ducklings for 2013,

The year began extremely well.  The children’s transition from Tiny Tots to Ducklings was amazing and they have settled into the room really well with only the odd occasion where some will get upset at drop off time. We have enlisted the help of “Gus”, our pet fish to help us with these occasions.

We welcome all the new families into our room and are excited to be able to spend time getting to know your child and your family over the coming year.

The children are loving the new outdoor area which is a huge space for them to explore, run around and have fun with their friends, outdoor play is one of our children’s favorite activities.

This year is very exciting as a few of the children are reaching new milestones including being toilet training. The children are doing extremely well. As most families are aware, the centre is trialing environmentally friendly nappies. We ask that parents bring a few disposable nappies to the centre for the children to wear home. If parents would like more information on the environmentally disposable nappies, please ask staff.

This year we are introducing more daily routines into the room, including group time before lunch. To begin with, we are reading the children a book and singing a couple of songs before heading off to wash our hands for lunch, we are aiming for 10-15 minutes for the children to sit down and interact in group time, more group times will be held throughout the day in the coming weeks.

Art is one of our children’s favourite activities and they are constantly drawing, pasting and painting. At the end of each day staff will place the children’s artwork in their lockers for parents to collect and admire the wonderful effort the children have put into their work.  Most of the children’s artwork will be displayed in the room and also in their portfolios which the parents will receive at the end of the year.

Any feedback or suggestions from parents/families will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Ducklings staff – Heidi, Sue and Brooke