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Busy Bees Room – February Update

Welcome to all our families and children.
We are looking forward to an exciting and adventurous year spent learning through play with all of your children!

We hope everyone is settling into their new environment. We are focusing on allowing the children the opportunity to develop their self-help and independent skills by offering them;

  • A water container where they fill their own water bottles up.
  • A hat basket where they place their hat in the morning and then recognise their own hat before outdoor play.
  • A self-help art trolley. The children have displayed a great interest in art. Therefore they now have the opportunity to engage in the creative arts throughout the day by choosing from materials on their art trolley.
  • Looking after their belongings. The children are learning to place lids back onto textas and glue sticks and are aware that they will no longer work if they are not taking care of them.

We have also been focusing on self help skills during meal times where the children have been using tongs to serve their own fruit. This aims to also develop their hand eye co-ordination fine motor skill.

The children also displayed a positive interest in alphabet flashcards, with a lot of the children not only recognising the letter which their name starts with, but also their family members!

To extend upon this interest we have been using our white boards to practice tracing our letters! To assist with letter recognition we have been busy creating individual place mats which are used during lunchtime.

And finally we have introduced a new experience which has emerged from the children’s group idea of looking after a Pet Rock! Please see or speak to Nisha or Katie if you have any queries.

Thanks Katie, Nisha and Lisa